Noémi Soós, Mihajla Djan, Szilvia Kusza


The brown hare is present all over Europe from Spain to Asia Minor and is an important game species which makes it a reasonable subject for population genetic investigations. The purpose of our study is to gather data on the genetic diversity of Central and Eastern European brown hare populations with the aim of revealing the genetic history of the species in the studied region, from which data are scarce despite the fact that the species is well-studied on the whole continent. In our research mtDNA cytb and D-loop regions along with the MC1R and ASIP genes are studied. Samples from Hungary (n=14) and Serbia (n=36) have already been sequenced and analysed for the D-loop region. Based on a 411 bp mtDNA D-loop alignment we have found a high level of haplotype diversity (Hd=0.958) with an overall 30 haplotypes, and the nucleotide diversity of π= 0.0167. Our first results show high genetic diversity for the brown hare in the studied region and indicate genetic distinction among the studied populations although these results need confirmation by further studies.


diversity; Central-, Eastern Europe; Lepus europaeus; mitochondrial DNA

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